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{Resolution} and {Life}: My 52 Weeks of Photos 2012

Every January 1, we know people make resolutions and try to stick to them for that upcoming year. I never bother making a resolution because a) I am Jewish and we have our New Year in September/October (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) and you don’t make those kinds of wishes then… and b) because well, like half the western world I would just end up disappointing myself because I don’t keep resolutions… or rather I don’t even try making one, because I know deep down in my heart I will NEVER… I mean, NEVER follow through.

HOWEVER! I signed up to do a 52 week Photo Project at My4Hens Photography‘s Flickr group. I post a photo each week for 52 weeks- aka a year! The picture you take has to be done that week and you can follow the theme if you’d like (each week it is different). I’ve wanted to do one of these photo projects for a while, but never felt like I had the time, but I am going to make the time! One photo (for me) per week is not hard… I take at least one a day usually! So to begin the new secular year of 2012, I had been wanting to do a few things 1) blog more and 2) take more photos for my fine art work, and 3) join a photo project like this aforementioned My4Hens 52 Week Propject!

For most of 2011 I had been wishing I would get off my butt and make new photos for my Shape of a Mother project. And I did. Last Saturday, December 31, 2011, I went to my favorite spot in rural SC with one of my models/friends, (yes outside in winter!), and I photographed a mother in the woods. It was 75 degrees F I have to say, although the water in the creek was very, very cold.

After we were finished our shoot, I took some time to photograph “for me.” I took into consideration all of the things I have learned over the last year with my mentorship with Dutch photographer, Jan Banning, and really took the time and concentrated on making a photo that I wanted, one that was technically correct/proficient but also aesthetically pleasing to *my* eye. (I promise this is all related to the 52 Week Project)! Getting back to the New Year’s resolution thing and the 52 Weeks Photo project, my photo for the theme of {Resolution} was one of the trees I photographed in the woods on December 31. It represents the fact that I went out to this spot which is approximately 35 miles from my home, with a model to continue a project I started in October 2010. It also represents all of those resolutions that I said I would never make, but yet secretly wished I would do… like photograph more. Here is this week’s photo, the theme is: Life.

I went with an ironic and euphemistic interpretation of the word  “life.”  Life can have many meanings and well this is my life! I clean it up only for this space to be covered again by the daily workings of our life.




Last week’s photo: {Resolution}

{1/52} I titled this one: “Barely Blue”



I encourage you to not make a resolution but go out and do what you’ve been wanting to do, or what you’ve been putting off. If I can attempt this, anyone can!

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