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Five Favorite Things for 2013, Part 1

Instead of making those silly resolutions and or even trying to accomplish a 52 Weeks Photo project that I miserably failed at last year, I’m writing about my favorite things. And I’m going to start with:

1. Organic, spicy Aztec chocolate. When I studied the Mesoamerican cultures at Penn State I never imagined I would one day long for the taste of the spicy chocolate the Aztec kings drank fervently. You see, being another culture or even mass producing something from one culture to the masses wasn’t trendy like it is today. There were no World Markets, or 10, 000 Villages stores. There was no Etsy… heck there was not really even the internet!! So today, in the year 2013, I’m grateful that my local Whole Foods store has spicy Aztec chocolate bars for me to purchase and eat on this cold winter night. What I’m eating right now.  72% dark chocolate, spicy chili pepper,vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and almonds= pure deliciousness!

2. My birthday. December 30, 2012, I turned the dreaded “40” and the day was a wonderful and beautiful one; I pondered life in all of its highs and lows. I learned this day that a dear friend had taken her life the night before. I was, and am, devastated to learn this news. I spent the day crying and grieving, but also celebrating my birthday with my excited children. Even though my birthday comes before 2013, I include it here, because really, this year, this day has prepared me differently for this new year, in a good and positive way. Despite the tragedy, my 2012 birthday is included in this list of my favorite things. It allowed me to really feel the depths of emotions that day, and to appreciate my life, and my family and friends. It allowed me to appreciate the love I have for them and for myself, and to be thankful for overcoming many obstacles to get to where I am today: a content, happy, individual.

3. My new camera bag. It may sound trivial or shallow to have a favorite bag for my camera but I love my new Epiphanie Ginger camera bag. I love it. And it gives me pleasure to look at it, to hold it, to use it. It protects one of my most valuable possessions, my livelihood, and its girly, and pretty. And I like girly and pretty.

4. Venice, Italy. I already know that Venice will be an amazing, rewarding, and breathtaking adventure. And already its my favorite, and I’ve never been. I’m planning to attend the annual photo festival in Naarden, The Netherlands in May/June 2013 and Venice is just a side trip away! I’m dreaming and envisioning what will happen as soon as I step off the plane. I can see in my mind’s eye, touching the ground and feeling the history and the generations of Italian blood in my body perking up and dancing. It sounds a little idealized and corny but I believe it. My grandmother’s grandmother, Carmela came from southern Italy in the late 1800s. My grandmmother, Madeline, always wanted to go to Italy but never had the opportunity. She passed away in May of 2009, and I’m planning to bring something of hers with me to Italy and leave it there. She may not have been able to go but something of hers will remain there.

5. Photography and all things related. It may sounds cliche for a photographer for have “photography” on her favorites list, but so be it. I love the subject, the medium, the essence of photography. It’s so much more to me than just a camera and a click of the shutter, so much more than an interaction between the photographer and the subject; its a feeling, a lifestyle, a way of thinking. Once I finally embraced photography as the medium, the subject, the “career” but more importantly as a major part of the life I wanted to live, my life changed, went in a completely different direction from where it was going. And I have been the happiest I have ever been. Since 2005, photography is one of my favorite things.


So there you have it. This favorites list is made of up various ingredients, all of the things that I find wonderful, and enjoyable, pleasurable, happy, thankful for, excited about, grateful to have at this moment in time. I encourage you to make a list of your favorite things, post them to your blog, or in your journal, or even just around your house for inspiration and as a reminder of what makes you happy.

Peace, Love, and Friendship,

Jennifer <3


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