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Blogging is not something I enjoy.

As you can see reader, the last time I published anything on this website was March 2014. Nearly a year ago. I am a very strong writer, however I do not like to write, and especially to write publicly. I wrote my Masters thesis in 2002 (just after giving birth to my daughter I might add), and that was a very long task. Since then I haven’t really written anything of a great length… usually emails, private journal entries written by hand for myself or notes around the house. I have written here on my blogsite but it was only to accompany photos.

I usually consume page after page of info on the internet, or I read a book. I absorb lots of info, but rarely do I type up my thoughts. And my family and friends would laugh to read this because if you knew me, you’d know that I am always talking, always gabbing with someone about something. I was the girl in class who got into trouble for talking from elementary all the way up to college. I sometimes get shushed now as a 40 year old adult! ha!

I also take zillions of photos that I have in my archives that I haven’t published. I don’t know why. I am an avid Instagram user, @jennifermking and @jenniferkingphoto . . . although you can see which one has the most photos, my personal one and not my “professional” photography one, @jenniferkingphoto

Maybe its an age thing… I am Generation X …aka born in the 1970s, raised in the 1980s and went to college in the 1990s. All before cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I was first introduced to “electronic mail” while I was at Penn State University in 1994. My friend Tricia told me about this new thing called “email” and that I should get an account and send her an “email.” I said to her, why in the world would I “email” you… why wouldn’t I just pick up the phone and call you? 🙂  I even have a list of “drafts” here in this WordPress blog waiting to be published that I have never published. Why? Well, they either lack the accompanying photos or they lack the text for the accompanying photos. I’m just not that into sharing words I guess.  And I have come to accept that.




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